Team Builder

Assembling Your Preservation A-Team


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Learning Objectives

  • Identify elements of effective team building
  • Learn how to be proactive and intentional about the team’s culture
  • Gain context about how team-building works and experiences challenges in historic preservation environments
  • Understand how individual experiences and styles affect the team

About This Course

A Team Builder is part captain, part camp counselor, and part coach. They are someone who knows how to support a group of people to accomplish the job at hand. They understand what motivates people, and how to effectively spread the work around so that no one is overwhelmed. They help their team learn from mistakes, and they pay attention to the team’s dynamics, proactively intervening when things are off course. In the preservation movement, teams are essential both between and within organizations. To develop your organization’s team-building capacity, gain an understanding for the value of different perspectives, personalities, and approaches, and study how to manage differing approaches in your team.

Team Builder
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