Building an Inclusive and Diverse Organization


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Learning Objectives

  • Participants will explore personal values and assumptions, as well as the direct and indirect impact of those values and assumptions on communities and workplaces, in order to readily develop leadership and diversity and inclusion competencies.
  • Participants will explore best practices for building an inclusive ethic at preservation organizations.
  • Participants will understand the challenges of implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives and programs.
  • Participants will learn practical ways to measure the success of diversity and inclusion efforts.

About This Course

Structural inequality is a fierce, ever-present, challenging force that has framed the thinking, behavior, and actions of individuals and institutions since the beginning of U.S. history. Understanding inequity and effectively dismantling it require an equally fierce, consistent, and committed effort. Diversity and inclusion initiatives in many industries throughout the country have pioneered approaches that can help preservation leaders proactively understand and address inequality in their organizations and communities. This module will explore those approaches, help learners imagine strategic plans that suit their needs, and examine inclusion frameworks that advance place-based organizations.

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