Pursuing preservation in an exponential age


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Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to incorporate futurism into your planning as a preservationist;
  • Understand how historic preservation can contribute to a better future given a landscape that necessarily includes rapid technological change, such as big data and artificial intelligence;
  • Conversely, plan how the field can use technological advances to protect historic and cultural resources more effectively and equitably in the future.

About This Course

For much of their work, leaders rely on their ability to be clear-eyed, pragmatic, and grounded in the realities of their work. Sometimes, however, leaders must be able to imagine and plan for a world very different for the one that exists now. Today, the world is changing at an unprecedented rate, requiring leaders that can not only adapt to but influence new realities. The capacity to imagine, predict, and understand radical change is essential. Prophetic thinkers envision the potential for historic preservation in creative upheaval, and they become recognized when they are not afraid to think big. They also bring together the most important ideas of history and cultural heritage, often viewed as an “old world” practice, into “new world” endeavors, ensuring cultural heritage is valued in a future heavily based in technological products and leveraging those products to work for the preservation of resources that matter to all segments of our society.

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 2 reviews
 by Michael Randall
Futurst Review

This was a very insightful course with helpful information and fun thought experiments. The videos were entertaining and most of the readings were a delight. I do think some of the literature was a bit a redundant, but ultimately I enjoyed it all.

 by Kathie Schey

Interesting material. However, if we focus on events like singularity, I wonder what the point of preservation is at all. If future history will not be human history, does that change what we preserve or eliminate it?

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