Yes you can! Advocacy & Lobbying as a Nonprofit

Our ARCUS Faculty Member, Marion Werkheiser, recently published a free webinar in partnership with the Coalition for American Heritage.

Click here to access this free webinar

As the webinar description states, “In this webinar, we dispel the common myth that 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations are not allowed to lobby. Armed with specific examples for heritage organizations, we’ll walk through how your organization can engage in advocacy and lobbying activities without jeopardizing its IRS status. Learn how your organization can provide much-needed policy expertise to lawmakers, spread the word among your supporters about legislation that will affect programs important to them, and leverage your membership to make a difference on issues that matter. You’ll leave with concrete next steps your organization can take to stand up for heritage without raising eyebrows at the IRS.”

Marion Werkheiser is a founding partner of Cultural Heritage Partners, PLLC, a law, policy, and strategy firm for the heritage sector based in Washington, D.C. Marion has advised nonprofits on how to engage in advocacy for more than a decade, and she is a registered lobbyist representing the Coalition for American Heritage and like-minded heritage organizations in Washington. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Marion is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia, Virginia, and California.